Need Book Series (Plural :D)

I love the Inheritance Cycle books. The problem is, I have read them all about 3 times. 88) I want a new series (or more). The Ranger’s Apprentice was interesting too. But I have read all the books released to USA.

I want these kind of books:

  • Fiction/Fantasy.
  • In a series that is finished (Optional, but I hate having to wait for the author to release more books).
  • Good books. I want books that don’t have anything bad, like some of the newer “sex” ideas 88) Note: the bad doesn’t mean no wars/fighting. I like ‘strife’ in a book. ;D
  • I prefer the main character to have some special/magic abilities. An “unnormal” (in a positive way ;)) person.
  • And I want the books to be long. Yes, I fly through ~1000 pages in a few hours, if I like the book.


Well I have Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant series in text.
This is a fantacy series about a fiction writer who contracts leprosy,and if transmited into a alternate world,
thewhite gold of his wedding band marks him as the expected champion that will defeat Lord Foul.
Much,Much Better then my descriptions.there are eight book 21.5 Mb in text.

I have the complete Dark Tower series from Stephen King.
The Tolkien books,and some really weird early last century fantacy from Lord Dunsany.
Plus all of the "dream Lands fiction of H.P Lovecraft.
All in either word pad or PDF.

Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series.

The series is finished and was over a decade in the making. Start with Wizard’s First Rule.

Thanks for replies. I’ll look into them. :slight_smile:

Books are cool.

If your not familiar with Heinlein I strongly recommend you get so.

I’d start with “The Moon is A Harsh Mistress”. Written in 1966, won award. And since you like series, you’ll then want to explore the books he wrote after that one. He was awesome at juggling his characters, and he loved them and took good care of them, in and out of all his stories they were.

Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn books for the black library are good.

Why not the “Debt of Bones”?

The obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory is really good. Start with “The Outstretched Shadow”. It’s finished and I really enjoyed it. I brought book one, read it and then immediately brought the other two books.

Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile: