Need ATT - Recover Files

I need Help Recovering Files After Multiple Formats/Restores.

WinVista 64 Bit
250 GB Hard Drive
3GB Ram

Looking For Only 1 or 2 Files

Anyone Know of software to do this?

R-Studio: fast and good but sometimes slow.
Getdataback:just ok
Recover my files:just ok
Finaldata: takes too long.

recommend:R-studio, Getdataback

I didn’t know you could get files back after a format. Is there a way to permanently format all the files?

You should know about HDD architecture, and file system.
So, let me explain little bit.
HDD can be devided by 2 sectors, one is for normal sector where we can save
files on it, the second is for BOOT Sector where OS can use for saving
Boot infos,Partition infos and some of file lists.
When you save a file on your HDD, The file is saved on Clusters on HDD.
The cluster is a tiny space for saving files.
But if a file size is bigger than a cluster,
HDD separates files to other clusters and then save it.
This is how actual HDD works.
When you delete files or format HDD, the files are not be deleted.
Only file list(index) is deleted from the BOOT Sector.
So real files still exist on your HDD.
So, how to delete it permanently?
When you use a software for permanent deleting,
the tool rewrites cluster with 01010011 or other values with different algorithm.
In case of DoD(U.S. Department of Defense), they suggest 7times rewriting process.
After do that, nobody can recover any of files even GOD.
But after using HDD, if you use your PC many times the data will be
rewritten by your using.Whenever you use PC, the files are randomly written on
you HDD. If the process didn’t rewrite important files that you want to
recover, you can recover it with recovering tool.
But if the process rewrite files, you can’t recover it with any recovering tool.
But most of them can be recoverd.

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The United States Navy SEALs and Special Operations Forces
were died at Afghanistan and mission failed.
(only one soldier survivied)
After then, terrorists took a Laptop(military purpose Laptop).
They recovered it with HDD recovering software or just unprotected with password.
(I don’t understand why SEALs didn’t make a password for it.
They should educate soldiers about Cyber warfare)
The film by terrorist shows operation manual, maps, and other important informations.
You can find this film on internet.
Go to the hell terrorist!!!

Anyway, there are lots of tools for deleting files permanently

Acronis Drive Cleanser
Ultra sentry(from the company which makes Ultra Edit)
Final Eraser

I prefer Ultra Sentry.(light,fast and works great)

Also, you can recover files from USB memory, memory for Digital camera, IPOD, MP3 memory,
SD Memory, memory for CELL phone etc… with recovering tools.
When you give those memories to other people, format them with the tools above.

In case of Norton ghost, it leaves fingerprint on your BOOT Sector.
(it shows how many times you recover your HDD with ghost, when, what)
Even if you delete ghost from your HDD permanently.
But you can delete them with the tools above.

I have Paragon HDD Manager…I think it can securely delete files. But it can’t recover the files deleted regularly…

Thanks Creasy for explaining. :-TU

I was searching for some tools that recover deleted files. I did find some, but a few looked “suspicious”. :wink:

Are you willing to pay?

Yes I am.

I recommend you.

Recovering: R-Studio

Deleting: UltraSentry

(there is ‘Wipeinfo’ for deleting files in the ‘Norton systemworks’,
but it’s not that good)

I was asking Jacob if he was willing to pay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does R-Studio work with Vista?

I don’t think he was. ;D ;D ;D

Sure it does.

Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Macintosh, Linux and UNIX.


I was asking because the “designed-for” pic said:

I think there isn’t enough space for VISTA text.
You can make it if you want.
They will pay you $1.99…maybe…

Here is a “popular” free recovery tool:


^Last two are shareware.


When you delete a file it is not removed from the disk, it is just marked as empty space. So if you are lucky and nothing has overwritten the file then you can simply restore them. After a format you will be pretty lucky to get anything decent back because you will of done a lot of writing to the disk with the new install of the OS etc. If you have a big disk though with lots of space you might find something is there.

You can try TuneUp Trial or Ontrack Datarecovery