need advice on a decent webcam

Wow. I haven’t posted anything here in a very long time. Still happily using Comodo Firewall and AV. Both working well on all of our computers–still malware free after many years. Thank you! Had a couple of job changes and a couple of brushes with death [even think I was there once]. Anyway…

I am looking for advice on a decent webcam. Our desired situation is to mount a wireless camera on/near our wall mounted flat screen. Our couch is about 12 feet away from the TV. If the built-in mic could work effectively at the range great, but I could work around that.

Suggestions anyone?


Hi grayhair,

Unfortunately you did not supply enough information mainly about the purpose of having such camera
What I mean you can get 100s responses here & you can find 1000nds just searching the net
… but…
is it a surveillance one ?
You want to use it as a communication device so to speak, say in some messengers like MSN, Skype and alike?

Then what is “wall mounted flat screen”? Is it your PC screen or your TV, that has network capabilities.
I have Samsung 6000 series and it is connected to Internet. Currently it is wired but it has wireless service as well. At the same time I cannot see any Application yet that would allow me to connect digital camera.
Well, at least the Server Application (SamsungAllShare in this case) installed on PC does not support camera and playing DVDs from shared devices. I can connect & playback practically anything else though from PC or USB connected lash or hard drive. But the latter 2 devices (camera & CD/DVD drive) are not DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance ) compatible… yet? (please anybody correct me if I’m wrong)

Then, if that is a TV – what brand ; can you see any Application there available for download in order to use digital camera?

Probably many more questions to come before you can get any decent advices/suggestions :wink:

My regards

p.s. Please no more “brushes with death”! Cheers!