Need a volunteer German translator

Attention of German users.

We need a volunteer translator to deal with Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Mobile Security translation updates.

The applications have been fully translated into German by now.
The involvement is needed only when new features are implemented or occasional changes/corrections are made, so it is not going to take much of your time.

Please let me know if this is of interest.

Kind regards,
Alex Suvak
Localization Coordinator

A German user asked me to attach the files requiring update, so here they are:

  1. 1031.lang (installer file)
  2. chromium_1031.html (Chromodo Browser product description, 1st sentence is in English)
  3. cis.german.lang (main UI file)

Supplementary files (templates and explanatoty files):



Best regards,

PS: We need assistance is translating Anti-Theft Web Interface texts into German according to this post:;msg798170#msg798170

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How can I open these Files

With Best Regards

I suggest to use Notepad++ for editing. And for comparing+editing a pair of .lang files (translation file vs English file) I recommend WinMerge.


Attn of German Users

Dear All,

Please assist with updating the attached vkcsb.german.lang file dated 12 May 2015.
The list of (4) amended and (4) new strings is in the .docx file.

I’d appreciate if you could post the update on/by 14 May. Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Alexander Suvak

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Attn of German Users

Dear All,

Please assist with translating the attached 1033.php file into German. This file contains lingual resources for Anti-Theft web interface.

The texts are simple and the context should be clear.

‘Anti-Theft’ is a part of Comodo Mobile Security bundle for Android devices. It may work as a security module in the mentioned CMS bundle (along with Antivirus, App Lock and Backup) as well as a standalone application.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Alexander Suvak

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Hi Alex, I will try to do some of it again (just send me a mail), as I might’ve some little spare time atm, but I certainly won’t be capable of being a “fulltime translator”.

I’m sure, there’d be some younger people out there that have got the time and will to do that.

Cheers, REBOL.


I have Translate the 1033.php file for Antitheft.

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