Need a Vista x64 Beta Tester?

I have VMWare Workstation, and I have been helping Malwarebytes test things in Vista x64 when they need it. I was wondering if Comodo needed anything they are working on tested in either Vista x64 or XP x64?

we will soon!

thank you :slight_smile:


I Bax testing Vista 32bit for CAVS 3


I worked as beta tester for Microsoft on Windows Vista x64 and x86, Virtual Server R2, Virtual PC 2007, even One Care and other programs, i’ll be more than happy to help testing comodo v3 on x64, as my main machine, well all my machines runs Vista Ultimate x64 SP1. My machies are from different vendors and configurations, from AMD and Intel, so i think i’ll have a broad test base.

Please let me know if you need any help, asi i like to help when programs are free.

Please hang around, your offer is appreciated. In any case, I’ll keep an eye on this thread and when the new beta comes out maybe I’ll PM you.