need a objective, impartial, unbiased advise better outpost 2.7 or comodo 3

Hi mates
i need an a objective, impartial, unbiased advise
i bought outpost 2.7 and now i run it

well is better comodo 3 with d+ or only firewall + leak protection or outpost 2.7 ?

i need this advise
because i 'm doubtful renew license


Since 2.7 is an old version - why not a newer? - , v3.0 comodo is much better.

yes i know but 2.7 is solid like a rock
in which side como 3 is more better?

Read for yourself.

Outpost is an excellent firewall .
In the test it is rated “excellent” as is Comodo .
Outpost has one thing that Comodo lacks : Support for using IP-blocklists .
But it’s hard to compete with Comodo on the price :slight_smile:


Why? Well first and foremost, Outpost has some confusing settings that may confuse most users. What makes it worse is the settings themselves may not confuse experts, but the lack of help and definition of what that specific setting does is horiffic.

Also Outpost is much heavier on resources. A LOT heavier.

Next, its overbloated. The antispyware module isn’t worth it, and all the other add ons you get with outpost you can get with other more effective software.

In conclusion, COMODO is free, light, and effective.

Outpost is heavy, you have to pay for it, and its firewall module is the only thing worth getting.

In addition to above, you cant put IP ranges and MAC addresses in OP FW rules. Comodo have that possibilities.
But latest OP 2008 have IPv6 support and Comodo haven’t …yet…

Still COMODO is a better firewall.

This is the comodo forum, do you really expect unbiased advise??

Yes, I gave an unbiased review.

I would say, stay with outpost until you’re subscription ends. Then go to Comodo. It should have CMG etc also integraded in future releases. But still, for now stay with outpost (because you paid for it :)) It’s not that I don’t want you protected or something but I still believe that the Firewall of Comodo and Outpost is equally strong, only Comodo has defence+ which makes it much more secure.


Hey mantra, you don’t need to renew your license for Outpost, you actually have to renew only if you gonna upgrade it to newer version but since you using very old version there is no need for renewing, i think, look at outpost users support forum for more info.

your version of outpost is too old, lot of exploits must bypass it.
u should use the last version.
after it’s to u to make your choice by testing the last outpost and the last comodo, and see which one is the best for you. each people will have a different favorite FW.

about IPV6 and comodo, who uses here ipv6? my isp doesnt use it.
u can connect to efnet with ipv6 with some servers (certainly others servers permit to use IPV6), or u can use it on your local network, but who really use it?

Yes, every sentence of yours says Outpost is worse.

And when salmonela at least tried to give one plus for Outpost (just one! which is true) despite going with the obvious line that comodo is better, you can’t resist to even let that little one thing stand and must chime in again to say the meaningless, “still comodo is better”… (didn’t you say that already in your one-sided post earlier?)

Yes, very unbiased. lol…

Only one thing to say to you Luketan.

Comodo = $00000 for life

Outpost = $40.00 for 1 year

Vettetech you totally miss the point. The question is not whether X is better than Y.

I’m not even a fan of Outpost, but I’m tickled by the behavior of Info-Sec, who considers himself unbiased, when he refuses to let even a factual statement about outpost stands and feels threatened enough to re-post the meaniningless “still comodo is better” (after already stating it).

And this is in response to a post by someone who already says Comodo is better (but is “unbiased” enough to at least give one measly point to outpost)!

Hilarious don’t you think?

Your failure to see this point and to respond to my post as if I was attacking comodo (or supporting Outpost) is also revealing…

Okay, I’ll summarize this. People are ALWAYS going to have different opinions on “Is this Security Product better” & people in response, with 2 different stereotypes will say: No “X” is better then “Y” or “Y” is better then “X”, under most circumstances.

CFP 3 with Defense+, Is the ultimate solution. Is is a “prevention” mechanism So we off course highly recommend CFP 3.

Outpost 2.7 is incredibly out dated, mantra! I highly reccomend, If possible to update & upgrade your product. If you like Outpost, Stick with it & Off course if you want to, Try CFP 3. If you need this thread reopened PM Mod.

Thread locked to avoid further debates & off topic comments.