Need a Free Sync Program

I and about 10 other people are working on a works/excel file (what it is about is a secret ;D). Well, we’ve tried a syncing program, but we kept having conflicts when two or more people work on it at the same time. Does anyone know of a free program that will only let one person work on it at a time, or combine the work?

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I’m guessing your on a network with these people?

Nope, I want a program that syncs over the internet.

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Yeah…This would be a little hard…I don’t know of any way you could only have 1 person using the file at a time… Maybe the best way would be just to email each other of the new edited file?

Sorry I know it’s not what your looking for… But perhaps there isn’t really a program designed for this

Sigh Ok, anyone know of one you pay for?