nbname receive wan requests


I’m using comodo with personal mode to control all network requests but in windows 10 i see lot of lan services receive wan requests even if im using router with nat ( normaly all incoming requests should be blocked in router interface )

For exepmle nbname received requests from, after i made some research about this ip i found the owner is Net Systems Research LLC

is that normal ??

Are you sure it is incoming requests? Can you show your firewall event logs indicating the requests?

Entrant = Incoming
Sortant = Outgoing

Interesting, I would suggest using the stealth ports task and selecting block incoming connections so that you won’t get these requests anymore. NetBIOS name resolution usually is sent out as a broadcast packet and does not travel beyond a local network e.g. routers will not forward broadcast packets. See this for an explanation of NetBIOS name resolution(nbname): How NetBIOS name resolution really works | TechRepublic

it’s a strange thing cuz i know netbios name works only for lan … i still doesn’t know how this request forwarded from wan to my computer. But I’ll find the cause.

thanks futuretech for ur time & ur help.

after i chose leting comodo informs me about nbname requests, i got today another request.

coming from after some research i found it’s an Amplification DDoS Tracker Project made by Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

( pic in attachment )

i think there is an exploit in my tp-link router.

now i enabled the spi mode to deny all wan incoming requests & see if i get more nbname resuests at next days.