Nav Bar How To: Adjust URL / search window size

By default Comodo Dragon browser Search window is suitable for one or two words. But what is one to do if the entire text of War & Peace is your search query? Huh? Not so usefull then, eh? Of course it probably matters less if one is using the combined Nav / Search functionality; I hate the URL search thingy (I turns that off in addition to ‘search suggestions’ except for ‘history’).

I’ve found that if one opens the customize window and place the URL window & Search window adjacent to each other in the Nav Bar, and then close the customize window, the right side of the URL window or the left side of the Search can be grabbed and dragged to effectively resize both. With this procedure one can establish 2/3 + 1/3 ratio between the two (or whatever).

When tool buttons are subsequently added to the Navigation bar, the real estate that gets used by tool buttons is sacrificed what is required by the tool button by both the URL and Search windows proportionally.

OR one can use the empty real estate in the menu bar (and put stuff there), or add an empty toolbar - name it ‘search bar’ - and drag the Search window into it; then one’ll have an entire row for the stinkin’ search window. That is what I did after draggin’ the bookmark bar to underneath the Nav Bar. Works good last long time.

Furthermore, if one adds the refresh / stop tool buttons immediately to the right of the URL window, they both become internalized into the URL window itself (keeping the bookmark tool star icon company); ‘refresh’ changes to ‘stop’ while download occurs that reverts back to ‘refresh’ once download complete. Neat little feature that saves two buttons worth of real estate.

BTW, FWIW, I’ve established how to use flex space in the CID customize window. Both it and ‘space’ component are useful as shims in toolbar layout. You’d be suprised how many people don’t know how to use it; the interwebs are just filled to the brim with people wailing, gnashing their teeth and covering themselves in ashes wearing sackcloth that Firefox flex-space doesn’t work.

I’m letting you know it works just fine. Its not a run-time resizeable component. Nor is it resizable at custmoize time.

One must understand that the URL and search windows are both flex components, i.e., both components will use all the space available to them on the line they’re placed. These components have a higher priority than flex space, i.e., they’ll hog all the space they can (leaving nothing for ‘flex-space’). To restrict the growth of either URL or Search windows either right or left, use the ‘space’ component as shims. Use as many as necessary. For all other components one can implement ‘flex-space’. If one places ‘flex-space’ on its own toolbar, it’ll take up the whole line.

‘Flex space’ component is usefulll to right or left justify fixed width component(s). E.g., if you want to right justify a button on the menu bar, add ‘flex space’ to the right of the menu bar component, and then put the right-justify components to the right of the ‘flex-space’. Both ‘space’ and ‘flex-space’ have 100% transparency.

Flex-space can hold a whole line open - empty & transparent - if one desires. If a custom added toolbar doesn’t have any components when you close the customize window, CID blows it away.

Also, be very carefull not to ■■■■ away Bookmarks Toolbar Items component from the Bookmarks Toolbar and then hide the Bookmarks Toolbar. That’ll hork up the Bookmarks Context menu; it’ll break it.

If you ever get your toolbar layout all ■■■■■■■ up, your best option is to restore defaults in the customize window (and start over again). Worst case scenario you’ll have to boot into CID safe-mode and reset CID to defaults.

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