NANO Antivirus

Where are all of these new AV’s coming from?
I like the GUI anyway.

I’m waiting for Final version It’s still beta.

Note: They’re very fast for response when you send them a new virus. :wink:


NANO AV is a Fake AV from Russia. Plenty of info on it on Google Search.


The site listed seems good though:

I guess maybe there’s just fake AV’s pretending to be this one.

Same NANO AV just different skin and website. Did you see the part where they said they could update the old NANO AV to the current NANO beta? Kaspersky and Outpost are jam up products but it’s kind of hard to trust them with all the Malware, Spyware coming out of Russia. I read an article and it was accusing Kaspersky of manufacturing Malware that there app would detect before the others vendors applications.

I was under the impression that this was a new AV. It says the company was founded in 2009, the rogue fake AV was supposedly before that right? Either way, why would you name your company after a known fake company of the same type? ???

I used NANO Antivirus for my PC. It is very nicely working in my PC. Well I have been using this one last one years , I am fully satisfied with that having feature. It is very nicely kill the all my PC having virus.

Anyone can confirm whether this is a fake or not?

It’s true and usable.
But It’s still in BETA.

So we wait for the release version then. Can’t wait to pit the release version against CIS 2011.

BTW, is this software kind of Internet Security Suite or just an AV product?

i have once tried this software in beta state and i think it’s a fake AV if i may say so! Slowed my pc and made it freeze which made me uninstall it in safe mode.

If comodo’s AV isn’t an option then use avast!, antivir or other that are known brand together with comodo’s firewall

Yes everyone should use it and reinstalll window!


This isn’t a rogue, it is apparently very heavy though (hence your slowdown). It’s still in beta so they are working to lighten the program up. Whether or not it’s a worthwhile AV program is obviously debatable, however, it is a legitimate program.

Slowing and freezing told you it was a fake AV?? I would like to see the reasoning and evidence behind the claim of fake AV, not just something based on assumptions. Do you have a smoking gun, or is it just your feeling?

Here you are Languy’s video about this AV:

This Nano AV is no fake. I have been running it now and again since the beginning of last year. It has always been bulky but not all that buggy for me.

If ‘Watasha’ here and there are the same person, he has been a Nano Forum participant since March 2010 so he should at least have some idea where this new AV is coming from. ;D

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