Mysterious "blank" alerts bug [Solved]

Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit (Fresh Install - All updates - Legit License)
Comodo Internet Security: v3.5.57173.439
Defense: Safe Mode
Firewall: Custom Policy Mode

I have been seeing a weird Defense Alert and Firewall Alert everytime I shutdown the computer but now I finally see the culprit. I have an nvidia 9800GTX card with nview enabled so in each window, it adds a button next to the min/max/close that allows me to push that window to my second monitor. Something with their hook is freaking out comodo’s.

To reproduce the error I click the nview button that switches the application to the second monitor. Once its there, I right click on the nview button which gives me a “nview Options” menu, from there I select “Send Application to” → “Default Desktop”. Here Defense Alert pops up several times about (in this case Firefox) how the application is trying to take control of another process in memory. As I paid attention here its basically does this for every single program I have running (explorer,rundll32,nvraid service, notepad,etc). When it gets to the last program Comodo shows no information, it just has “[]” under for the title, and “[]” under security considerations. The dropdown box where I could select a profile to “treat this application as” is empty. So if you click on it comodo crashes. I’m guessing the “[]” is actually comodo itself.

So the conclusion is, if you enable nview with your nvidia video drivers, you will see the mystery Defense Alert (and sometimes the Firewall Alert depending on how fast it shuts down) when you shutdown or with the steps above.

Solution: Disable nview, or just ignore the “[]” alerts.

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Not solved for me, I’ve an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX and NVIEW is disabled and I still have times to times this alert even if I’m not doing anything special (even away from the computer) !

Hi, I don’t use NVIDIA but this may help:
Allow this request and check Remember my answer and see what happened.
If it doesn’t, try opening D+ Settings and disable Physical Memory in Objects to Monitor againts direct access
or you can whitelist nview by:

  1. My trusted Software vendor
  2. My own safe files

Please see my post.

I would ask that comodo fix the firewall module so that it can correctly intercept the virtual display that nview has created. Or which ever method nview is using that comodo is not intercepting.