MySQL is being blocked.

I have a serious problem i cannot work on my computer when proactive defense is enabled.

Something happend mysql tried to modify registry key i forbidden it and after i cannot make mysql work when proactive defense is enabled.

I tried adding mysqld to trusted application, tried adding it to trusted files. But still no effect.

The same happened to my qip (icq) program…

Where can i see why mysql is being blocked? how can i see list of my blocked aplications in firewall?

I found a solution but its really very good hidden. Its in computer security policy.

Things like that should be in section blocked files. And when user says file ok policy should be changed automatically. Because its really hard to guess if you add file to trusted in proactive defense. You add it to trusted in firewall. And then you should also look for it in computer policy its not good.

The best place to start is in the logs. Go to any, say View Firewall Events then click “More”. Here you can see a detailed list of all actions which should point you in the right direction.

Remember if you are going to block something and arent 100% sure dont have “remember my answer” ticked.

Have a look under Firewall->Network Security Policy for firewall rules allthough i doubt it`s there as you said it was modifying a registry key and this would be handled by Defence+.
Look in Defence+ ->Computer Security Policy-> This contains programs that have rules created.

Any entries in the logs which could point us in the right direction?