My Web of Trust (WOT) add-on doesn't work

G’day all,

The my web of trust add-on doesn’t work on the latest Comodo Dragon browsers version please advise when will this be resolved. as a Chrome add-on platform version.

Currently WOT does not work correctly with Comodo Dragon. This is because WOT does not use a trustworthy SSL.

For an alternative you can use Ultimate Chrome Flag.

Thanks for that Chiron :-TU

Yes, Ultimate Chrome Flag does display the WOT rating icon, but isn’t this in itself a security breach? If WOT is untrusted, why is it allowed in another extension using the same source? Seems odd.

Also, I installed WOT on Opera 11 yesterday. Opera doesn’t have a problem with WOT’s certificate, nor does Firefox. I consider both to be very safe browsers, so why does CD balk?

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I think it’s in the way the information is passed to the user. I think Ultimate Chrome Flag probably compiles the information and then displays it to the user. Hence there is no problem. On the other hand WOT sends the information directly to the user.

Besides, WOT is trustworthy, they just don’t have the SSL to prove it. :wink:

Umm, OK ???

Maybe I wasn’t clear. WOT has a domain validated SSL. Therefore it doesn’t say much about who is actually running the site.

On the other hand there are Extended Validation SSL. These require extensive validation into who is actually running the site before they are issued. This also makes them more expensive, which is probably why WOT doesn’t have one. However, this also ensures that you can trust the site. Some phishing, or malware, sites will purchase a cheap DV SSL so that users will trust them. This is why CD differentiates between these two.

The problem when you try to use WOT seems to be related to the fact that CD automatically blocks the site from loading, like it normally would, but since you’re not actually going there you can’t click the box to ignore it. Currently there’s no way to add a site to some sort of exclusion list.

Does that answer your question?

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@Chiron is their another secure web add-on that works with CD beside Ultimate Chrome Flag ???

You can use McAfee SiteAdvisor although you can’t view the report. You only get an indication of whether the site is good or not.

Sorry, haven’t played with it much yet.

Thanks :-TU

Install McAfee chrome extension then right click McAfee icon in top right hand corner of browser and select “options” and select “Stop loading threat” - (Redirect to SiteAdvisor) and then select “save”
If you stumble across a site that is flagged by McAfee has unsafe you will be redirected to McAfee sitadvisor page detailing threat.
There is no work around as regards seeing the McAfee green tick or red cross besides the searches you have made on Google etc.Hope this helps.

Androo Circe.

Yes, thank you for the better explanation. :-TU

@ SpeedyPC, you might want to watch THIS TOPIC where Melih has promised a SiteInspector toolbar, or similar. Hopefully, it will be compatible with CD.

I’m fully aware about this thank you for reminding me :-TU

Also I’ve given up McAfee SiteAdvisor add-on it doesn’t look good is kinda slow.

You’re welcome. Yeah, SiteAdvisor is also using very outdated information. Until Comodo comes up with something, my best suggestion is to manually scan sites for malware with SiteInspector, M86 (used to be Finjan), VirusTotal or URLVoid. VT and URLVoid use multiple scan engines.