My View

For what it’s worth , you asked for peoples views so here goes :
I like the Firewall programme, it has a good write up in computer magazines and as I am not very computer savvy I am reliant on hoping I have a good firewall to protect me and my computer .

I did download the verification engine , but took it off , mainly because when just browsing it kept coming up , whereas I would prefer being able to just activate it when I was intending to pay, or use the internet for a transaction of some sort.

I have not downloaded the anti-virus because on reading the forum , there still appears to be too many glitches with it , and as a numpty when it comes to computers , I am not confident that if something went wrong I could correct it.

I have also noticed that Melih is also “online” very often , and for me it is refreshing to see the CEO still taking a keen interest and getting his ‘hands dirty’ to coin a phrase.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback, overfifty

There is a “Wishlist” for V-Engine, here:,128.0.html

You can go there and add your request for on-demand usage only; Comodo works very specifically from their user-fueled Wishlists, when deciding on changes to their applications. Rest assured they will see your request.

Hopefully the antivirus will become a stable, viable product very soon. Keep your eyes open for it!


It does help indeed. thanks Overfifty!

We will make sure to bring you a total security products that you will feel comfortable with.
Firewall is a great product and we will get our AV to the same level soon :slight_smile:


Glad to be of help.

In this day and age it is difficult to find a good produce amongst all the rest. As a Numpty computer user I have to rely on Programmers like yourself using simple and easy language that us numpties understand. Personally I just need to be confident that My anti-virus works and that the firewall I install stops all the bad guys trying to hijack my computer.