My updates wont go past 30% and Comodo is acting very strangely..

I switched on my laptop after not being on for five days, and Comodo said there were probles with defense + and that i needed to run diagnostics. i did so but that did not fix the problem. I restarted and it then all systems are running… but it keeps telling me my vius definitions are out of date. everytime i run the updater it gets stuck at 30% and then a window telling me there are comodo updates available pop up. i click update and it says i need to restart which i did…but then the exact same thing happens when its booted up again…

I’d appreciate any help:)

I have had this problem as well. When your PC reboots after the Comodo pop-up tells you to, then once back at the Windows screen, let the red flashing light that signifies your PC working in the background come to a complete stop, then click on start>turn off computer>restart, and let your PC reboot again waiting till all signs of activity are finished then sign in. See if this helps, it did for me.

Hi ciara,

Have you read this:

Do I understand correctly you keep getting the prompt to restart at the 30% point? What av database version is CIS reporting? Look under Miscellaneous → About. Does it stay the same each time?

What version of CIS are you running?