My University

On the break COMODO Internet Security(without antivirus) was been installed on all personal computers because of me 8)

Nice work, did they use the Enterprise version ? so it will be centrally managed ?
How many installations are we talking about ?

They installed COMODO Internet Security which can be downloaded at COMODO homepage.
I uploaded latest installation at our server and announced it at the news screen with information about how good firewall and defense+ is.
We have around 6000 personal computers at university and after announcment in 1 hour we had nearly more then 6000 downloads so I would think that we have it on nearly all computers.
CIS is managed from the computer users because people don’t want to have their systems controlled by someone else ;D
Also people don’t like F-Secure and I said COMODO don’t slow down computer and people liked that alot.

This is such a right choice by your university.
Comodo kicks ■■■, GJ of you Android2007 to make a whole university use it!

edit: sounds like you saved your university some money too!

Wow! Well done!! Tell them CIS is also completely FREE For personal and commercial, business use. And you can also tell them about Comodo Endpoint Secuirty Manager which controls from an admin PC multiple PC’s that have Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 on it, Currently is only supports CFP 3.0 but you can say it will also support CIS in the future.


Wow! GJ! I was only able to get some relatives to use it. 88)

Your University can feel SAFE now…
Hehe. (L)

This is excellent way to help create Trusted Internet! Thank you for your recommendation!

I believe every educational institution should use CIS and be safe and then use the monies, they would have otherwise spent, by reinvesting it on the students!!!

Thank you!


Maybe I should suggest this to my school. But I know that the users can’t decide if the pop up from Defence+ is malware or a legal file. :slight_smile:

well if our AV picks it, then D+ won’t alert… if AV doesn’t pick it… then it could malware or not… at least the user gets a chance as otherwise if AVs do not detect, these malware simply execute with no alert…