My Trusted Software Vendors

I installed CIS 3.8 and I discovered the contents of “My Trusted Software Vendors”.

I don’t understand the way of the list is build. Is it a predefined list ?
Ifit’s the case, I have some questions. I found as trusted vendors " "
… I went to the web site “” and I was very surprised : it was a Instant Messaging, Group Video Calls & Chat Rooms ???

Have somebody more explanations ?


Hello Pieteke,

My Trusted software vendors is used to “auto learn” d+ rules for signed executable’s with a certificate.
This will prevent a load of alerts for those applications. Surfing to the site does not trigger D+ learning.
Only if you install an application of or others it could be auto learning.

Hmmm… This post made me curious. I have never added anything to my trusted software vendors.

I just went and looked and was surprised to see that there is a lot on the list that has apparently been defined by “User”, which I would take to be me…

I also see Paltalk, as well as Skype, Eset, McAfee, and a few others. I have nothing installed from any of these corporations, so I don’t know how I could have possibly defined any of these.

Perhaps more interesting, I removed Paltalk and Skype and they came back. What’s up with that?? :o

And yes, my system is clean. It is scanned weekly (on-demand only) by 5 spyware/adware/malware apps and 3 AVs.

I have to say, I find this a bit concerning.

Hey all,

Here’s a thread that hammers out the trusted vendors list labeling.

and another further sorting out removal of said vendors.


Thanks for the links! Yes, I think they need to change the “User” tag. Very confusing as I the “User” didn’t define any of those vendors.

And let the user select multiple vendors to remove from the list if they wish. To open the window, remove one, apply, close… Rinse and repeat… Is just bad design.

I’m also not fond of other users being able to influence ‘my’ trusted vendor list. I prefer not to use the list at all, because I don’t care for “blanket” approval of any particular vendors entire product line. And to have Comodo letting other users decide what ‘I’ consider trusted, I find more than a little bit perplexing…

I have no problem with people sending files to Comodo to have them check them out and decide if they are a threat and add them to the safe list, but whitelisting vendors is silly.

I agree on the remove all.

I agree the USER is confusing, but i think that if they put it to “COMODO” you won’t be able to remove them.
So i guess that’s the reason they appear USER.

It’s put there for a reason, to make D+ more silent, advanced users can remove it, or untick the setting on the D+ advanced settings “Trust applications digitally signed”.