My Trusted Software Vendors - Purging

I don’t know where this list of software vendors comes from honestly, except that it certainly didn’t come from me. I’m familiar enough with the software I have on my computer to know what would be there to trust or not, and would like to decide for myself. (I had to get rid of live support too, as it was not something I chose to install, rather the cis installer decided to underhand it in with the firewall)

However, right now, I’m finding myself trying to purge the list of vendors CIS has approved. I’m having to do this one by one, as I want to be able to make the rules for my firewall, though I wish there was a simple check and delete system as I’m deleting everything one by one and wondering why it’s existing. I don’t think it was like this on Comodo Firewall 3, and I hope not to deal with it on any further upgrades.

Yes, it was like that in version 3. There was even a time when removing a vendor for the list would cause CIS to prompt you that there was an update available, and it would reload the default vendor list…

All those vendors are Comodo trusting vendors for you. Why they show up in the list as being “USER” defined is beyond me.

I’ve been saying for quite some time that Comodo needs to stop adding vendors to my list for me.

And yes, being limited to removing only a single vendor at a time isn’t user friendly. :frowning:

Tried to edit the text file, vendor.nme?

you can turn the list off all together in defence + settings, just untick the check box. But it is a shame you cant ctrl A or hold ctrl and click.


You might be able to temporarily shutdown cfp.exe and then remove it by registry editing, but that’s geekily unfriendly ;D

Yes, I’m aware you can turn it off.

Regarding this issue, here is a comment from the mods usability forum from over a year ago:

Only entries actually defined by the user would be listed as defined by “user”. Anyhow, that is one way to address the issue. Another way is have “Comodo CA Limited” and “Comodo CP, Inc” defined by “Comodo (permanent)” because they they cannot be deleted and have other entries added by Comodo (e.g. Apple Inc., Adobe, Microsoft, etc) defined by “Comodo” and they can be deleted. So, in this case, there would be 3 types of entries: Comodo (permanent), Comodo, and User.

Thanks for posting your concerns. It is helpful to bring these issues to the forefront again to remind Comodo that they still need to be fixed. Hopefully Comodo will fix this issue (along with the long list of other usability issues) in the near future.

Yes, this is another issue that needs to be fixed. CIS should let the user select multiple entries so they can be deleted all at once.

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Instead of deleting the vendors, I believe there should be an option to deselect them. This way if the user changes their mind about allowing a vendor they can easily restore it.

Ok I installed CIS 4 (finally) a couple of a hours ago and this is what I did to remove all vendors in seconds:
Click on the last Vendor on the list then press and hold down the hotkeys Alt + R

Of course, that’s only effective for people who want to clear the entire list (except the two Comodo ones).


“Instead” though? Why not have both options available?