My Test on ClearCloud vs Norton vs Comodo Secure DNS

I’m interested in comparing the two DNS services such that a simple test has been done. The tested sites are randomly picked from the two sources and the results are listed below;
(as it is not allowed to post malware sites here, I use ___ to replace some charaters)

Sites ClearCloud Comodo
From MDL (malware sites) Blocked failed
.ca Blocked failed Blocked Blocked Blocked failed Blocked failed

From hpHosts On-line (plishing sites)

www.placepi___com N.A. N.A. Blocked failed Blocked failed
www.seoimpre___com Blocked failed Blocked failed

Please be noted that the results may be biased if ClearCloud is using MDL and hpHosts’ lists or those sites are FPs. However, I still think Comodo may need to have a look into the results.

I’m planning to test COMODO DNS with MVPS hosts file.
$$$ symantec will be a competitor ;D ;D ;D

awww… and test result seems to be not good… CDNS just allows to visit these bad sites… :‘( :’( :cry:

When i have try it, Clearcloud really don’t block all the things and Comodo don’t block nothing, i feel the sample you used is too little: could you check with more link and more different sources (also maybe with different ages of apparition of the link)? That can be interesting :-TU

As I mentioned, may be ClearCloud is just using MDL or hpHosts’ lists.
I do not intend to do an intensive test but it will be even more interesting if someone can made a comparison for Comodo vs ClearCloud vs Norton. ;D

I think maybe some vendor keep an eye to MDL because MDL youtube “tests” are so popular… Maybe someone can paid Dennis Lab to make a true independant DNS efficiency test ;D

I guess Comodo should also keep an eye to MDL… >:-D

Now 1 million of nasties websites and they stay online 11.5 days!! The number is growing so faster, incredible :confused:

Which one of them breaches CIS v5’s sandbox? 88)

After a day’s trial with ClearCloud, I find it has serious FPs for Chinese sites. Hence I switches to Norton DNS and the test results are shown below;

[tr][td]Sites[/td][td]ClearCloud[/td][td] Comodo[/td][td] Norton[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]From MDL (malware sites)[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]From hpHosts On-line (plishing sites)[/td][/tr]

I do re-test Comodo after a day and nothing has changed.
Comodo may need to pay more attention on MDL as my anti-virus do prompt me some of these MDL sites intended to perform harmful activities to my PC.

Do you talk about exploit?

I do not read the details but they are something related to trojan/worm from Avast’s webshield & network shield alerts.