My Suggestions []

I find this version to be a big improvement over the 2.x series, but wanted to make a few small suggestions.

“Process Access Rights” dialog:

  • An icon beside each Modify button to tell you whether the list is empty or not. This would save digging through all of them to find where an entry was just added.
  • The name of the program you are modifying the settings for, in the title bar of the dialog.
  • Or, place the “Process Access Rights” and “Protection Settings” dialogs inside the “Application System Activity Control” dialog, below the application name. In a similar way that the “Network Access Rules” is placed below the application name in the “Application Network Access Control” dialog. And toggle between them with buttons or tabs.

“Computer Security Policy” dialog:

  • Display toggle for what name to show. ie Full Path “C:\Apache\bin\httpd.exe”; Filename “httpd.exe”; Application Title “Apache HTTP Server”
  • Column sorting.

Firewall section:

  • Use of terms “Local” and “Remote” instead of “Source” and “Destination”. Source and Destination depends on whether the connection is incoming or outgoing. Local and Remote disambiguates this under either circumstance.

“Process Access Rights” dialog:

  • A purge button in each of the individual lists.

“Network Security Policy” dialog:

  • Some flavour of application grouping, probably by the Predefined Ruleset they use.

Disambiguates? You have embiggened my vocabulary. :wink: Now, failing English will be unpossible!