My Real World Experiences Using COMODO BackUp

For the most part, it is VERY GOOD! It is fairly easy to restore files and folders within Windows from backups stored to external drives. I have several clients now using COMODO BackUp.

BUT, the system restore needs work.

  1. Make a boot CD for just COMODO BackUp or maybe add the ability to use it within COMODO Rescue Disk.
  2. Allow the installation of SATA controller and USB drivers in the same way as Windows Vista/7/8 do during installation to allow backups for external drives.

Tonight I have to go to a client’s office, install another hard drive, copy the system backup from an external drive over to this new drive, and start the restore process. After it finishes, I will have to to remove the extra drive. It would be nice to be able to avoid all of that be allowing restorations from external drives.

Maybe make a small program to make a COMODO BackUp boot CD that will get the current and necessary drivers from the computer to allow access and restorations from external drives.

Until COMODO gets around to making a boot CD .ISO for users to download or adding the ability to create a boot CD within CB that will get the necessary drivers from Windows for the particular computer having a backup done on it so external hard drives can be restored from, CB is a waste of time.

Here is the hell I just went through to successfully restore an image backup made with the version of COMODO BackUp: