My Protected Files

Hi All

Help requested please.

I want to know how to protect My Documents, if possible give myself read and write access, the latter through a limited number of programs.

I have read the Comodo Help section but I confess to strugging a bit. Is there a more detailed tutorial that I could look at.

For starters it would help if I knew how to set up Comodo Defence+ so that there is absolutely no access and then move on to lessen the constraints.

Thank you for your help


Yuou should Edit “My File groups” (click the group button on “my protected files”) and Create a group with all paths to “My document” (and desktop) folders of all users on you PC.
you need to append an * to those paths (eg C:\document and settings\username\my document* )

Then you should add that group to “My protected files”.

This way you’ll see D+ alerts when an app try to access these folder. Existing policies may not be affected.
I guess it would be better to use D+ in safe mode.

When you mark those alert to remember check th generated “protected file/foldes” allow/blocked lists.
You may wish to edith those paths to remove the * character or add it (IIRC CleanPC mode will use wildcarded entries while safe mode will add specific paths only)