My phone trying to sms my location to my own phone!

So I had this so called antitheft feature enabled (aka biggest mistake of my life) and went overseas, there I got a local sim card and switched my phone’s sim card, ever since then my phone is trying to sms my own location (everywhere I go) to my self, it’s like a popup asking to save my location, if I say NO it will ask again if I choose SAVE it will send me a sms with my location!!! it’s so frustrating! I tried disabling the antitheft but didnt solve the issue, I tried deleting comodo once and for all but the issue is still there! how do I completely remove this useless antitheft feature ?

PS. Android phone


First of all, it is an expected behavior to send simchange alert when you switch simcard. It is part of our Anti-theft protection.

If you get location update, It should be related with low battery warning and you can de-activate it under anti-theft settings.

If you are saying, you delete CMS but still get the warnings, I would say it is not CMS sending those…

It would be great to see screen shots to identify better your problem. You can contact with our support team via

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