My Personal View and Experances

I hope that everyone here will take this post as I mean it. There is bashing and complaining, then there is someone stating the problems they have run into in an effort to improve and help the product become better. This post is an effort to try an improve this product and try to get the developers to look at it from a different point of view. The following has been my experience thus far.

I was using Zone Alarm and it kept cutting my Internet connection off. We can’t seem to correct this and some have gone the phone route and still cannot correct the problem. There are a lot of people right now looking for a new firewall in this very small town. This is a great opportunity for Comodo.

I found this firewall through a discussion group and they named various firewall’s, and the comment about this firewall was “it is a great firewall if you can figure out how to use it – – and I wish you luck on that one”.
Guess what, I now know what he means. I am on the Internet with it set on “allow all”. I can figure out how to get it to allow Firefox and Thunderbird to access the Internet. A little window comes up that looks like it is only half completed and asks about the program but gives no option’s to approve or disapprove the program. On further research I have found several instances of where they speak of how good this firewall is but how hard it is to use, and i agree.

I can certainly see where the ones that are already using this product, may not understand the problems that we are having. Believe me gentlemen, right now a lot of people in my area are really having fits, trying to figure this thing out.

The help section is well-written for a technically minded person but as far as a layman goes – – just forget it – because it is absolutely no help at all – – at least to none of us that are in this area.


Think you could post a screenshot of what the half finished Windows looks like so we may better understand your problem?


Hey oldman (no disrespect intended ;)),

There have been several reports about the “Allow” and “Block” buttons not appearing where they should be (or at all in some instances). Comodo are aware of this problem and are woking on a fix. Please bear with them on this. The firewall is really, really good, once you get your head around how it works, compared with how ZoneAlarm works.

You said in your post that you have set the firewall to “Allow all”. If it is set to allow all in and out, you have effectively disabled the network protection. Can you connect to the internet if it is set to “Custom”? Have you defined a trusted zone for your PC/network? This is most important.

If you have a look at, I’ve made a flash based tutorial on what rules need to be set, at a minimum, to allow PCs on a home network to talk to each other, while allowing them to access the internet and still block unsolicited traffic from the internet. The demo is around 800K, so if you’re on a modem, it will take a while, but I think it’s worth it. It’s aimed at non-geeks and I’ve tried to make it as easy to understand as possible.

If you have any queries with the demo, please feel free to contact me by leaving a personal message via the forum.

Let me know how you go.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I wish to thank both of you gentlemen for your time and patience in responding.

Upon learning about the tutorial, I immediately called 19 people up and had them come over. I have a dedicated T1 connection and so it did not take long to download at all. I think everyone was utterly amazed at all the steps you had to go through, just to set it up. I think the main comment was “They Got To Be Kidding”. There was a lot of laughter around here. You must remember that the baby-- or-- our little “diaper boy” is 72 years old. He is a youngun here. I am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in order to post this. My hands are pretty arthritic bound.

You may be asking yourself, why dont the old goat’s just get Norton and be done with it. Well, Norton takes over your computer. All the other commercial applications just take over your computer just like AOL does. We was considering buying zone alarm pro.

In another area it was asking how to make money, thats simple – – all you have to do is make a good firewall (but you already have that) now just make it simple to use and put a place for donations. I can guarantee you a lot of old goat’s will be making donations. But make it idiot proof. You already have the window appearing just add two slots saying – – allow – – block – – and you’ll have it made. Oh, another thing – – when the window appears asking about the program, make the program name recognizable and not “Thne.exe” (what the heck that means, I will never know) but if it said “Paint pro” – – I would know then.

We are all retired and we can tell you its all about the right place at the right time and gentlemen, now that everybody is having trouble with zone alarm, its the right time.

I couldn’t agree with you more when you say, you want easy to use application!
First we built the secure application. Now we are making it easy to use.
for example: the more files people submit to us, the more they will be in our safelist which will then make sure you don’t see a pop up on them. Also making sure to streamline the process.

Now, you have 19 guys over there who all think this is too much to do: Ok here is the deal: Tell us how exactly you want this to function! We will then make sure to deliver a version similar to what you need… for free! By helping make this easy to use, you will also be helping everybody else!

thank you for your and your 19 friends’ time :slight_smile:


We are the ones that are appreciative of your caring enough to take the time and trouble to ask. All of us here are hoping that this firewall will catch on and spread like wildfire. If Jordan uses this firewall, it has to be a real secure firewall – – unfortunately he is in Iraq trying to do a job over there.

None of us had to ask for help setting up Zone Alarm, because they did what I posted earlier. When a program tries to access the Internet, it sends up the page and then you have the opportunity on that Page to either permanently or one time block or allow access. Notice that I am saying “Block Access” or “Deny Access”. Clean, simple language that is easily understood and not the IT jargon.

You need a Tab that you can click on, then the page opens up and all of the programs that have tried to access the Internet be there. To the far right have a place to allow Internet access or server rights or block access. These rights will automatically be permanent.

If you look at Zone Alarm but use simpler terms, I will guarantee you’ll be successful. People want to download, reboot and then be able to click on Firefox , then have a Tab come up asking what rights you want to give it and if you want to be permanent or temporary. The same goes for the mail or any other program. I have no concept how hard it would be to make detecting the online server automatically would be.

In our last years of business, we had the unfortunace of 3 large companies coming into our area. There is no way we could compete in price or advertisement. So we fought back by making it easier on the people, more convenient and faster. It worked, they finally closed shop. I honestly believe you can take most of the business Zone Alarm has it you’ll follow the simple rule of keeping its simple in both language and use.

I understand what you are saying. However, the threats have changed. Just like 20 years ago not many people were using Computers, now its accepted to have computers at our homes. Things keep getting complicated. The threat that a firewall protects from is also getting to be more complex and sophisticated. Yes there are other firewalls that does not pass “leak tests” and does not show pop-ups, but that’s false sense of security! What we have achieved so far with CPF is stage 1 of our development which is make this firewall one of the most secure firewalls available (if not the most!). Now we have achieved that, we are working on dealing with making it easier to use. We want to get rid of pop ups completely and not bother the user! Thats our goal! but will take time and need everyone’s help!


Hi I have just recently installed the latest version of the Comodo firewall on my WinXp pro sp2 system. I previousely had the Sunbelt Kerio version. But it failed some of the stringent tests run at Gibson Research. I was however pleased to see that the Comodo firewall passed all the required “Shields Up” test ran at Gibson research.
The setup was very easy, as most settings were done for you.

For me that was a great improvement, keep up the good work.

EDIT** sorry didn’t read your post properly **EDIT