"My pending files" doesn't work! [RESOLVED]

“My pending files” don’t work!
the “my pending files” don’t work on My PC, i have checked the "protected files / folders"item in the “monitor setting”.but, i modify anything and there are still no files into “my pending files”.
i reinstalled it ,but the problem still exist .now ,there will be no files in “my pending file” section. >:(

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Set your PC to Clean PC mode and you will have Pending Files (:TNG) Pending files have been removed to all others modes (:WIN)

Set your PC to Clean PC mode and you will have Pending Files

but it is set to “train with safe mode” before ,it is work. so ,i don’t know why i have to set to clean pc mode to make it work.

Comodo made Pending Files to work only in Clean PC mode, because many users didn’t like Pending Files. (:WIN)
Now a lot of users says - “bring the Pending Files back” (:LGH)

IMO this was a bad decision on Comodo’s part. A simple option to allow the user to turn pending files off or on irregardless of the mode of operation would have better served the CFP user community.


I don’t think so. Pending files is more for novices who have no clue what apps are on there pc. If you want pending files then use Clean PC mode and if you don’t then use other modes. I myself use Train with safe mode for both firewall and D+. I see no need for pending files cause I know every app on my pc and what it is. (R)

Think as you please. I don’t consider myself a novice and I like using my pending files although It needs work, but there is a lot of potential for this function. I rarely use clean PC mode, so this is not an alternative for me. If the use of my pending files had been made optional for all modes, I would have seen no need for this discussion. Hiding pending files behind Clean PC Mode still does not solve the underlying problem that many users complained about. Making it an option would not have solved the problem either, but at least each and every user would have had a choice if they wanted to use it or not.

IMO Forcing a user to use Clean PC Mode because he/she wants pending files is a bad decision.

IMO Forcing a user to use a different mode because he/she is having problems with pending files is just as bad a decision.

Al (Am I beating a dead horse?) Adric

Yes the horse is lame. Take him to pasture and shot him. I am a gamer. When ever I patch a game I have around 200 pending files. When ever I install new drivers or simple clean out my restore points I have pending files. I had 1000 at one time. I know what they all are cause I put them there. Pending files for me serves no purpose. Why do you want pending files I might ask? (J)

Im with adric regarding pending files… AFAIK, they are not for showing you what files are on your computer, but to inform you about changes made/new files intrudoced. Im too a gamer and I don’t find it intrusive. After installing anything the first thing is to press ‘purge’. If you dont care about the remaining you can just remove everything from the list…it won’t have negative consequences.

Soz Vet but i have to agree with Adric and Blas on this,“Pending Files” can have its uses.If downloading you can see what executables have gone on your system.

Nice 1 Matty :■■■■

Ok well think of this. Comodo is the only firewall with this option. Pending files has never been around till months ago. How long has the pc been around? For years people have been getting by without such a feature. I have used Zone Alarm, Comodo 2.4, Online Armor, Kerio, Outpost and none of them have a pending files feature. The one good thing I think pending files is good for is ti build up Comodo’d whitelist by submitting them. I love Comodo and support it very much. Its the best firewall out there but in my opinion pending files serves no purpose. But then again you know what they say about opionions. LOL. (CLY)

Sure. But cfp v2.4, OA gave you an alert about hash changes…Hash related alerts are eliminated in v3. You are alerted before the change takes place not after it. About the allowed and successful changes you can get information in the pending list. Well pc’s can live without it sure, but it has its uses…The way celanpc mode is implemented, which is unique, I think this pending approach is a very clever one. True, you can live without it, but I think its not completely useless. Anyway, as you already said, opinions… :■■■■

Comodo made Pending Files to work only in Clean PC mode, because many users didn’t like Pending Files. Wink
Now a lot of users says - “bring the Pending Files back” Laugh

now I see, thank you,thank everyone!!!

I don’t want it back,at least now,i feel it was no so good.
i just thought that my pc have errors and I felt strange because every thing in my PC just seem so right.


OK, so you are one of those that doesn’t like/need pending files. Why are you against having an option to either use pending files or not use it?

You could have your way and I could have mine. That is all I am talking about - nothing more.


If I don’t like using “automatically check for updates”, I have the ability to turn it off. If someone else wants the function, they can turn it on. What is so bad about that?

I use pending files to see what is happening on the system. I can see changes that take place. I can add files and do lookups to see if they are safe or unknown. I can submit unknown files for analysis. I can decide if I want to delete an existing rule for a file that has been modified. In the future, I am hoping that I will be able to use the on demand scanner to selectively scan specific pending files.

Al (It’s all about choice) Adric

Yep. Pending file list was originally conceived to fit cleanpc design I guess. It progressively lose many nice sidefeatures along the way.
Dunno why I have many concerns about this and I hope that pending files was removed only to be replaced by something better and more appropriate for other modes.

BTW speaking of choices I guess you got one by PM. ;D

Thanks. I tend to miss new items in my in-box. This would be a nice feature to add to CFP - “My Pending Personal Messages” ;D

Al (I wanted to stay on topic) Adric

Phew I thought some thing was corrupt when the pending files thing stopped, I should have tried here first I suppose but I’ve enjoyed looking round the software and finding new settings.

I guess that there is a button to switch back to pending files giving every one the choice, just take the slider to clean pc mode :slight_smile:

I like to have the option to turn on or off the pending file,but not change to clean PC.there is no this option now,since this function isn’t important for me, so I don’t really mind. (L)

adric, I agree with you!!! We in need of option. Switch on/off Pending Files.

I do not use CleanPC mode, but I really want 2 know what is happening on the system.