My PC Can't Reconized free email Certificated I obtained from commodo

Dear Sirs.
In 30/05/2000 I obtained and installed im my pc a free email digital certificate from Commodo. Now I installed new operating system im my pc (Windows 10) and i tried to install new email certificates for my two email accounts and allways receive the following message: “A secure email certificate has already been issued for this email adress” and i can’t install a new certificate how can I continue to use you free email certificates.
Best Regards
Barrote Dias


You can move certificates from one system to another by exporting from one system and importing to the other.
You can find the instructions (and more) in the knowledge base:

The message containing ‘already been issued’, suggests you are trying to collect an already issued certificate for a second time, which will not work.

I think you need to follow the export/import process.