My Own Safe Files

Thanks for a great product…

I do however have one question about My Own Safe Files.

In the help for this function it reads “By adding executables to this list (including subfolders containing many components) you can reduce the amount of alerts that Defense+ generates whilst maintaining a higher level of Defense+ security”

I have a exe file, that unpacks a dll to tempoary files and hooks the keyboard, and several other “suspect” actions, and this generates a alerts (and should so), now I don’t wanna generate a dedicatet application rule for this exe file. SO I added it to My Own Safe Files…

But still when I start it I get alerts about this exe file, the only difference, as I can se, is that it tells me in the alert window that this application is a Safe application, but I still need to answer the alerts.

I’ve tried this in Clean PC Mode, and in Train with Safe Mode… But it dosnt seem to learn from My Own Safe files.

Is this by design, and if so, what should I use My Own Safe Files for?