"my own safe files" remain PENDING!!!

I had just some driver update running here (mainly ATI driver), everything in install mode.

The result 3350 my pending files. I “purged” them → 1600 files remain.

So I selected each of this 1600 files manually (I was actually pressing ARROW DOWN + space, like crazy 1600 times), and moved them to “my own save files”.

What is now happening is, that the files are in “my own save files” (I can see them), but they also remain in “my pending files”.

PS: I also tried a reboot, but it did not change anything.

And please don’t tell me that I will have to select them another time manually, and then press “remove”. Normally that happens automatically when I move them to “my own safe files”… And my fingers still hurt from the first time (:AGY)