My Own Safe Files Population

I just updated Firefox from 3.6.2 to 3.6.3 using Firefox’s internal updater. The update went smoothly, but I noticed that CIS filled My Own Safe Files with about 50 of the recent Firefox update files. This seems unnecessary since I won’t be running this update again and won’t need to have these files “safe” anymore. Shouldn’t CIS just permit the update without saving all of those files to My Own Safe Files? Seems like a waste to me. ???

I would like to see the return of “Installation Mode”.


I’ll be curious to see the reply to your question, as I just noticed CIS did the same to my Safe Files list. Plus, it added a huge number of Java files from my last JRE update! I had only put ONE file in there myself, but the list is now humongous!

I had about 5 files in mine. I just deleted all of the others since they won’t be used again.

On another Sandbox note, I keep having to add programs to My Own Safe Files since I find I can’t use the Clipboard with many of them. If I have to eventually add most of my system’s programs to My Own Safe Files, what good use is the Sandbox? I have since disabled it and I’m going to see how things go without it.

I had the opposite problem. I installed 3.6.3 using the full install and nothing was added to my safe files and it did not treat Firefox as safe.

CIS wanted to sandbox Firefox as unknown.