My own email adress in allowed list

CAS puts my own email address’s in allow list.
Why would I need to receive email from myself?
The problem with this is, the spammer puts my own email address in the from section.
And I end up sending a verification code to myself.
If I take out my own email address’s then I will still get mail right?
Because I wouldn’t be sending myself mail?

I think you can do this, but you cannot block your own email address.

Not sure what the CAS implications would be. Server synch stilll seems to work. Would receipt of replies to challenge emails still work?

Note that email alerts in some systems management tools (eg router logs) work by default by sending from and too your own email address. But you can often change this.

You may find yourself re-added to the list if you accidently send yourself mail, and have the ‘add recpient to whitelist’ options checked.


I have saved the spam sent from my email address problem by setting up an outlook rule to divert to a spam folder instead.


Wierdly CAS if you delete your own email addresss from the whitelist CAS will not let you re-add it via the GUI. But it will let you add it by sending a message to yourself or by importing.


Thanks mouse that is very strange.
I already have rules in outlook express to block my own email address’s because the spambot regularly puts the email they are targeting in the from address.
So it goes to deleted anyway.
I didn’t think I would need to receive email from myself for the code verification.
Because that should come from the person who has tried to email me and been bounced and given the code email.
I just removed my own mails from allowed list OMFG!
It started re adding them back and has added them 5000 times!!
When I try and remove one of these now 5000 of my own email address it lags the whole pc and hangs.
This is a serious bug, because all the spammer has to do is put your email address in the from.

It keeps crashing and hanging now.
I thought it was good software to keep the viagra spammers away.
But it is more trouble than worth for now.

This sound like the bug that occurs when you have two variants of an email address on the authentication database eg &

It may not be related to deleting your own account from the database

To cure this, delete the .adb file for the email account (under applicationdata\comodo\comodo antispam). Then re-import it from a source that has no such duplicates.

Frustrating I know!

I think your analysis may be right - you probably don’t have to have your email address on the allowed list for authentication to work. I’ll test it when I’ve finished what I am doing at the moment.

I was mislead by the message that said you were not allowed to block your own email address - sorry for the problems you have experienced as a result.

There is a new version due June-ish. Till then CAS is very useful software which really does exclude spam, but its a bit buggy, so you need to use work arounds - have a look at my list of work-arounds in this forum.

Or wait :slight_smile: & post any bugs in the bug list.