My outlook not receive email,antispam block all email

i recently install and uninstall this program and comodose.
Now i install again antispam but i cannt receive my email


Would Request You You To Let Us Know What The Version Of COMODO Antispam You Are Using And For A Confirmation, I Would Like To Know Whether You Are Able To Receive Mails After Disabling CAS

If you could give all the info requested under ‘bug reports’ this will help everyone to help you with your problems.

Please note that if you installed CAS before the request/installation of all certificates in Comodo SE was complete, then CSE may block completion of process. Also that versions of CAS before 2.6 are known not to work with CSE. Also that on the authentication page you should probably tick ‘add the sender of digitally signed emails to the white list’

Best wishes