My Opinion, one knowing nothing about Security/PCTech

I can’t pick just one Smilie that would describe how happy and surprised I am to find such wonderful
techies and pc security programs, and websites that are put here to advise and help people like me protect their pc investments. So many wonderful, helpful people have helped me disinfect my personal pc, directed me to free software programs and sites to enable me to keep it clean and operating efficiently. I have one techie friend personally, and I know he’s tired of me calling him every so often begging his help for one problem or another. Comodo Firewall was recommended to me after cleaning this pc of Major infections, one right after another, and I can’t begin to tell you what it means to me to trust the software I’m using. I’ve renewed antivirus, spyware, etc year after year, but keep getting infections. These software programs support won’t tell you a thing, except about their software, and one has a registry utility, but don’t offer any support on the utility. Why am I spending my money on a product the company won’t support fully? Well with freeware, Comodo Firewall, I have protection and support if any come up. It’s a wonderful gift! Thanks Comodo.

Hi deloby and welcome to the forum! (:CLP)

I am not sure if this was your first post or the other I responed to but welcome either way. Yes, Melih and his team have done wonders and belive it or not, have even come up with more! :o Melih is like Midas turning things to gold, only turns them into FREE. “Melidas” 8)

Even though i’ve been here a while now, I still get surprised at some things Melih comes up with and let’s go for free. Comodo is spoiling the lot of us… :wink: Glad to have you aboard !