My opinion on Comodo Firewall

This is my first post, so i apologize in advance if this i not the tread to make it.
I’m using Comodo Firewall Pro (with the most resent updates) Ive started using comodo since version 2.3.5 and Ive love it since. It does and works exactly how i wanted a firewall to work and the Defense+ a great add to the program.

The only problem Ive encountered is the processing time it takes when adding a new rule. I already read the post on that and used some registry maintenance applications to try and minimize the problem, but that’s just a long shot, I still have about 10 to 15 sec CPU up time. I believe that the rules information is data that should be stored safely in the hard drive in a well done database with good search features instead of in the registry. I really wouldn’t mind that the information takes over 100Mb of space in the HD, I just cant stand when my PC hangs completely every time im running an installer and installing a new program since i usually look for better ones all the time. To answer the question i saw in the other post:

Internet Security - 427
ProActive - 4
Antivirus - 5
Firewall - 5
imported settings - 10
*Note, I only counted the number of folders or entries i saw in the registry, im not sure if that’s the information the other post meant, but i followed the instructions given.

I really hope the developers consider this post, Comodo Firewall is a great application and i don’t want to look for another, that’s why I’m taking my time on this post. There’s a high probability i wont keep track of this post, I’m just hoping that the developers will read and consider my opinions since i bet they tried on making the best firewall possible.


Hello. :slight_smile:

Version 3.5.57173.439 is the latest version.
As with remembering the rules, this is a design issue where CFP/CIS rewrites all the rules everytime it updates the rules and I believe it is on the developer’s list after the bugs.