My opinion about Comodo

Hii :wink: Ive searched test pages and I found you here:

“Der große sl.portal Malware Test 2010”

Since 3Days I’m using free commodo Anti Virus with firewall.
After installing and checking my computer with Comodo, it found a ■■■■■-code on my PC and identified it as a trojan -(I knew, it was a ■■■■■-code written in PS-pad)
Ive found the option to send an unknown problem. So I dit and I was quite impressed by the result.
The answer about the trojan was: its trustable opjekt :PS-pad.…Very nice. :-TU

I got my watcher with my firewall, a defence with a sandbox, Even a game-modus…and as i wish
a DNS secure internet-service (which I don’t need know-but in about 3 month i would need it on my modem.)

All this for free!!! Come on!!! and all without popups or heavy CPU sucking prozesses…

Its just amazing how smooth it runs in the backround, how fast it learns about wanted and unwanted.
I like Comodo is showing the IPS and the ports…It works just like my peer block.
For me this is a big plus and NO OTHER ANTI VIRUS CAN manage all this.

all the plus can be a neg if youre a total beginner -
even me I was a little sweaty first day O0
But I like to know what I got on my PC so I took my time for it…many people I know are not that passionate.
I had problems to find the answer to my sendet opjekts, but as I said the result was even more surprising!!

Time ago I paid an online antivirus service for my security… first I had to enter codes over codes…surving was not fun anymore and I catched a mean Virus which gets active always you shut down the computer and restart… after 50 times the computer would have been wracked.
It took me 1week to clean it up, it was almost not possible…(others would have made a new set up…not me haha it waked up my killer instinkt)
Other people I know have paid Anti Virus on there PC and they catched all strange viruses…which I cleaned all by hand.

With Comodo I almost get a desire for virus catching …to see how much more Comodo can surprise me.

Ive never had any Antivirus program able to give such a clear answer, about a virus!! And I have tested many paid and free :-La :P0l :-TU

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That was an interesting test you referred to.

CIS does do a good job with default settings protecting the user from getting infected in the first place. During the development of v5, told egemen the head developer to us mods, they threw 15,000 malwares at the sand box and it protected the system. Remember that was without using av definitions. That gives a bit of an idea of the protective strength of CIS v5.