My Network Zones won't remember settings CFP

I’ve just installed Comodo Firewall Pro on a new PC (A HP Proliant ML115) after having it running successfully on another PC. I’m encountering a strange problem where the IP Address that I specify in “My Network Zones” keeps getting changed each time I reboot the PC.

I keep trying to specify the zone as a range of IP addresses (e.g. to so that all of my home PC’s, laptops and other devices (e.g. Roku soundbridge) are within the zone. But when I reboot it defaults back to a single IP address, the address of my new PC ( I’ve not encountered this problem on my other PC’s. Can anybody please advise how I can correct this?

Many Thanks

Are you using Vista? If UAC is enabled and/or you are not logged in as the admin, you may not have enough privileges to set up the network zone. You are actually defining a zone with a name like Home as “IP in []”, and when you reboot and look at the zone it contains only the single IP address? Or is it gone?

I’m using XP (with SP2 on my other PC and SP3 on my new PC - the one giving the problem).

The zone (labelled “Net”) is still there, but the IP address changes from being a range ( - to a single IP address (; this being the IP of the PC).

I am logged in as administrator (only one user set up).

Try adding “XPSP3” to your posting title to attract some users with that configuration. Haven’t seen this one before. ???

For now…you could add a bunch of different zones… Might be a hastle though. Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5

Does the same thing happen if you use a netmask ( as opposed to a range of addresses?

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CFP, vista…when I delete a network from “my network zones” it reappears upon next boot-up. Any changes made there are not saved. When I change the network name I get the same problem, it doesn’t stay saved for the next boot Some ideas please!

I’m running ver on Vista Home Premium SP1 and having the same problem with additions to My Network Zones not being saved. I’ve created a new Network Zone and added a single IP address to an existing Network Zone (that was created right after install … and seems to stay). Both additions disappear from My Network Zones after a reboot (have tried it multiple time with the samed disappearing result)

I’ve noticed that when I hit Apply after creating or revising an Application policy I get the little spinning wheel for a second. But when I hit Apply for all dialog boxes when adding to the My Network Zones, I don’t get anything. This may be normal, but it seems like nothing is saved to the computer (just my amateur computer operation observation!!).

Panic, Please clarify ( will allow only to into zone? I think it will allow to into zone.

The difference is that I have a Wireless Router running a DHCP at home. My neighbours and visiting friends sometimes login with their phones/laptop to access the web. Won’t I be allowing them access to all shared directories/folders with ( whereas a specifc zone like ( to will ensure they can access the web but not my data.

This may be related to the bug report Solution for now is to go back to 3.0.24. You can get it at Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows - .

Yes it will allow the entire range IN, I just wanted to know if the results varied using a netmask as compared to using an IP range.