My nephew making music....what do u think?

Hi Guys

check out my nephew making music… they have created a fusion of house music and hip hop.

I like it…


Sounds pretty good! :-TU

A bit repetitive, but then that’s kind of the style these days. :wink:

I listen to a lot of alternative ( techno dance and such) music and have a few recommendations for them.

First off I like D-Pants, good beat, but a little slow for a dance song. Next I would highly recommend they get someone ( female) to add some vocals. It does not take much to add vocals if you have the right software, a mic and a person that can sign decently.

Gabe Kent, their best one. I would remove the shifting at the beginning from left to right. Good beat, complex enough to keep the person interested but once again it needs vocals.

Splash and It’s a partii sound way to much like D-pants and Gabe Kent.

Nuggests & Friends and Bouncy Dillup need a fair amount of work to mature into complete songs.

Right now I would say the most important thing is to find someone that can do vocals, that will add another dimation to their music and make it 10 times better.