My machine is restarting inumerous times after CMF installation

Hi friends!

I would like to know if someone is having the same problem, or if knows how to solve it.

After the installation of Comodo Memory Firewall, my machine begins to restart at any moment, without any apparent reason. I think that this can be a bug.

I am running Comodo Memory Firewall + Comodo BOClean + Comodo Firewall Pro + Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic (and awaiting for CAVS 3 :BNC).

I have noted that the “restarts” occurs more frequently when I try to access some option inside CMF, as for example “About”, “Settings”, etc. At this momment, my machine simply restarts automatically.

Someone knows what can cause this so frequent restarts after CMF installation?

Regards. :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with this setup.

Is there anything suspicious in any of the Firewall or CMF logs? It could be a conflict.

Also check your Avira logs.

If no clues in any logs try uninstalling CMF to see if this stops the problem.


Hello! :slight_smile:

So, I have checked all logs and cannot find anything strange. My machine has an AMD Semprom 2800 processor, 512 Mb of RAM DDR and Windows XP Professional. I am running BoClean, Comodo Firewall Pro, Avira Antivir Personal Edition Classic and now Comodo Memory Firewall.

I have unninstalled CMF and after this I have executed the CCleaner software and MV RegClean (to clean the windows registry). Finally, I have re-installed CMF, but the problem persists.

Mainly when I try to access any option of the software, as for example “Update” and “Settings”. Sometimes the restart occurs without any action from my part.

I really don’t know what is happening. Maybe can this be a bug?

Best Regards. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have thise troble too. After installing Comodo firewall my machine bigins to restart after 30-40 min working. My sistem - WinXp SP - 2. Antivir - KAV 6.0.

Sorry for my bad english (:AGL)


You are talking about a problem with Comodo Firewall, this forum is for Comodo MEMORY Firewall - it is a different product.

May I recommend updating to version 3 of the Firewall however; this may fix your problem:


I had similar problem. After installed CMF, my comp crashes many times. The blue screen says “Fatal Error”. Finally, I uninstall it and check the firewall and defense+ logs. I see many “access memory” by BOClean under Defense + events. Thus, I shut down BOClean, install CMF again and put it in “trusted application” and “my protected files” lists (Comodo Firewall).
So far, the crash not yet occurs.
Just give it a try. Maybe it will work in your case.

Ok…now another issue comes up :-
I was planning to see what happen if I restart my computer and let CMF and BOClean run together at startup. Instead seeing a result, I got a message that CMF can’t run since the file “cmfres.dll” is missing.
Can anyone send me the file (cmfres.dll) since now I cannot run and even uninstall it due to the missing file? :cry:

You may send the file to:

many thx in advance


oopsie forgot to mention: I’m using CMF v.…


After installed CMF, my comp crashes many times. The blue screen says "Fatal Error".

This could be caused by this bug:

This is (probably) known bug in updater's GUI (csrss's heap crash). Fast fix is (works for me): rename cmfupdate.exe in the cmf's folder to something like cmfupdate.exe_bak.
and uncheck "automatically check for updates" in the option menu of CMF.
I see many "access memory" by BOClean under Defense + events.

This is nothing to worry about just Comodo protecting itself from itself lol - stopping CBOclean scanning the Firewall basically.

A new version of CMF is due out tomorrow which should fix most, if not all, of the reported bugs.


EDIT: I experience this behaviour on my laptop machine:

CMF can't run since the file "cmfres.dll" is missing.


Reason: Out-Dated post.