my isp provider and firewall blocks

hi all
is it normal for your service provider to contiously be listed on my blocked firewall intrusion attempts.
Ive looked into the blocks and most are from my isp.
the blocks are via the system/svhost app which i have to set to allow outgoing only.

any knowledge on the matter would be appreciated

Can you show us a screenshot of your logs? Are there ICMP connection logged? They are normal. It is just that CIS block ICMP blocks this traffic by default.

hi they are all udp and tcp attacks…still normal??

Can you show us a screenshot of your logs?

Also let us know on what connection you are DSL or cable. Do you connect straight to a modem or is there somewhere a router in the chain as well?

hi.ive had to reinstall windows…so everything is from 2day…i will upload a log anyway as after setting system and svhost to outgoin only i have had numerous blocks…im on 10 mb ethernet direct cable access.via modem.
log will follow shortly


Thanks for log. But is not readable using Notepad.

Please make a screenshot. When you opened the log push the PrintScreen button. Open any image editing program (think Paint,, Gimp, Photoshop…etc…) , paste the screenshot in the program and save it as jpeg image and upload it to the forum.