My 'Help' doesn't work - help!

Just recently installed comodo. I am getting to grips with it (as a computer-phobe I’m doing my best, so please bear with me), but every time I click on the ‘help’ bars on any page (including the ‘Help’ heading in Miscellaneous) I get a bar beginning:
‘Cannot open the file: mk:@MSITStore:CFP.chm::/’

How do I get ‘Help’ to work?

Please don’t make the answer too technical!



Hi Liz, welcome to the forums.

This sounds there is a problem with your c:\windows\system32\hhctrl.ocx file or CIS’s CHM file is damaged. If it is the OCX file, it could be that it is either damaged or somehow has become unregistered. Firstly, test this by trying to open any other CHM file on your system.

Also, do you have any reason to believe that your system is currently infected? This is another, remoter, possibility.

Oops… not technical. Umm… don’t worry. :slight_smile: Try to open another file called something.chm on your system. A CHM file is a type of Help file format, nothing technical honest!. :slight_smile:

Has your system been acting strange recently?

Hey there and welcome to the forums,

I’ll try to explain what Kail said in simpler words :

We believe that or a system file is damaged, or your CIS help file. to know this, please download the file in the next link and try to open it.

When opened, you will get something like this

It can also be an infection, do you have any security products installed ? (antivirus, antispyware, firewall, …)

Best regards,

Ok, Xan. I’ll leave this to you. If Liz can’t open a CHM file, try to register the OCX first.

ie. Start Menu - Run - regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\hhctrl.ocx*

edit: *depending on OS type.

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Don’t leave me master ;D. I hope that CIS files are broken, otherwise …
Perhaps it’s better that you stay and I make it more userfriendly ?


But, I was looking forward to the possibility of seeing that scenario explained in non-technical terms. :smiley:

How do I get ‘Help’ to work?

Please don’t make the answer too technical!
I have the same problem as Lizz has, but when I click on the ‘help’ I have nothing.
I used Kail’ advice(Replay #4) and got:

“DllRegister Server in c:/windows/system32/hhctrl.ocx suceeded”

What have I to do after it?
Please answer!


Hi Ilia, welcome to the forums.

Assuming that your particular problem with hhctrl.ocx was that it had become unregistered, then registering it would have fixed it. So, just try opening a CHM file. If it works, you’ve fixed it.

It works!!!
Thank you very much.

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

I hope Liz had equal success.