My Geekstein Wishlist

I’ve used a handful of remote tools, Crossloop, LogMeIn and Teamviewer to name a few. And I repair computers for a living, so here’s my wishlist…

  • While, for most, they can figure out all of the plugins, a manual would be a good idea.
  • Better options for unattended access. 7 and 30 would be fine for most things. 1 day would be good for those paranoid customers. And as mentioned before a permanent option would be nice. Especially for those extra special people that need help more often than others.
  • Ability to save a script
  • Add prices to the list of your premium apps you have in Geekstein
  • Ability to set the status of the technician via the console app. For example, Available, Currently with a Client, Currently Offline, etc.

I have no illusions, that Geekstein will remain a free service. So here are some ideas towards the paid version…

  • Hopefully you all want price gouge us like some other services, not mentioning any names but I think we all know who that is. But something to help us have a great tool and you all make some money on the back end would be the ability for us to send the invoice right through the app and you all process the payment. Of course taking your processing fee.
  • Give us techs an incentive to get our clients to install your premium apps. Maybe affiliatize (like that’s a word) the premium apps in geekstein. And maybe offer a small discount to the person getting it installed on their computer, if they buy it through the support session.
  • Ability to customize the splash screen of Geekstein. Keep Comodo on there, even keep something like powered by Geekstein. But let people get their logo on there and maybe a line of text.
  • Ability to change the desktop icon for the app.
  • For those of us who are tech, with a website, a means for use to allow people to download Geekstein tied to our accounts, from our websites would be nice.
  • Tie the geekstein app to the account the initial invitation came from. This may be the case already. But also allow us to change the text that shows up on the initial window.
  • This for people who’ve already installed Geekstein. Maybe have autoresponder (customizable and based off of the technician/group status) ability when someone sends a request through the chat window. As well as an option to pre-authorize a connection if they’re put in to the waiting queue.

Here’s an example of the last one.

Customer/client/friend/etc opens Geekstein and says I need help with such and such.
They get an auto response stating the technician is busy, or offline.
Would you like to make your computer available for technician?
They select yes…
How long would you like to make it available for?
Select from a dropdown 1hr, 3hr, 6hr, 24hr
This then sets up unattended access for the duration so a tech can come in when they’re available.

So guess that’s it for now.

Would also like to add, a popup notification when someone gets added to the queue and you have the console app open but minimized.


Thank you very much for your feedback. Most of the things exposed by you are already on our radar.
We will provide a way to deliver the client app as white label so you can customize it and put it on your website.