My firefox,mirc,IE just stopped working

Oki i was trying to fix my utorrent, since it often says connectable: no
And that can lead to that the speed on downloads/uploads aint always what it can be.

So i tried to fix it, and i removed 1-2 stuff from network monitor that didnt seem to be there (watched screenshots). And yes now my utorrent, i think is connectable. The speed was atleast as it should be, (i tested this with checking custom and allow all) and it didnt seem to matter.

But my firefox stopped working all the sudden, so i rebooted. And i noticed it still doesnt work when i am using custom. But it works fine when i have Allow all.

These are the screenshots that i thought might be handy

Maybe a reinstall works, but i rather try to solve it first. I am using Windows XP and Comodo Firewall Pro


i cant tell what you did erase in network monitor? you should know …

the snapshots are not good viewable.

make utorrent working you need add a rule. browse for utorrent postings.

what you can do now, hmmm

try better snapshots, or deinstall and reinstall and begin from scratch ?


Sorry that I can’t tell you exactly what to do, but you can refer to the tutorial page:
There is one for eMule/BitTorrent, and some details about the writing of rules. Also, you should look at your Activity Log (Main application window>Activity menu>Log) to see what rule is preventing the connection. The log shows disallowed connections.

the screens are fine, u just need to open em in new window. Cause they got made smaller in this forum :confused: But yeah i will try with reinstall the firewall later, cause this is annoying :slight_smile: Biggest issue is that i have no idea what i did wrong either :smiley:

ty tho