My feedback about CIS

I will tell what I love and what I hate:

-The interface
-Love the firewall
-Love d+
-Love the process list
-low on ressources


-Antivirus scan is long
-Antivirus scan takes to much ressources (so it’s slowing down my pc 75%)
-Not enough updates
-Would like to se the virus database (numbers of signature)
-would like to se the size of the updates
-No heuristique :frowning: (but i know it’s comming in early 2009)

The Antivirus needs a lot of work and should have a bigger database. The Antivirus is still very young so let’s wait and see. Let’s hope that it will be good like the firewall!!! :wink:

Good luck ;).

ps: Wait for another review by bobicool!!! in the futur!!