My confession

Hi everyone! (:WAV)

Here is my confession.

I downloaded and installed Ashampoo Firewall. When I ran it, I got a whole bunch of popups asking me whether to allow or block an application. No training mode in the firewall. I was asked to register a free version of the firewall with a free license key. So I became a member and got my license key. I gave them my e-mail and the next day I had spam. (:AGY)

After registering the firewall, I ran a leak test to see if the firewall would block an attempt to connect to the server. The data could be sent to the server without me knowing.

So I got SoftPerfect Personal Firewall. Ran the leak test and I got the same result as Ashampoo Firewall. :‘( :’(

Where was I going to get a good free firewall that doesn’t leak?

Then I heard about COMODO. I also heard that it doesn’t leak. I downloaded and installed the firewall and ran the leak test. When it sent the data, I was asked whether to block and allow. It said if your firewall asks you whether to block or allow, choose Block. Chose block and BEHOLD! THE DATA COULD NOT BE SENT! The firewall works! ;D ;D

Then I downloaded COMODO BOClean. It is a great program. Doesn’t hog my CPU or memory and small download size.

So, do you forgive me?

(M) (R) (S) (B) (J) (L)