my computer

my computer is telling me I have alot of security problems. why is this, when I have commodo running?

Before anyone is going to be able to help you, they are going to need to know which security programs you are running (including version numbers) as well as exactly what problems are occuring, and what is informing you of the problems. Then the geniuses will get to work and try to fix everything. :slight_smile:

And what exactly is it telling you? “You currently do not have a firewall installed” “You currently do not have a Anti Virus installed” Anything similar to that?

windows needed to be updateded. I sent you a file picture of it. the block in the middle of the page under and malware protection, when you open it, it says it needs to be updateded. virus protection, find a program. spyware and malware update.

yep i agree with the people replied
also is it appeared in internet explorer?if yes that means you computer is messed wth malwares

you mean “windows security center”? like this? (attached)

if it says windows need update, then maybe you miss updates for your windows. do you use legal windows OS btw? 88) (if you don’t, nevermind about the update ;D )

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I have a feeling that we are dealing with Rogue Spyware or similar. What antispyware program are you using? You may do a scan with it. If you don’t have any, try superantispyware. The home version is free to use.

yes that is the one but I have it up to date and it still says I need to update it.