My Computer Was a Zombie Until...

Hello guys,

My computer was a zombie for 1 week(win7 x64), it is automatically visits these sites,,, and then close automatically again, firstly i used kis 2011 then i used eset nod32 smart security then i used spybot then i used adaware but nothing happened, they didnt solve my problem and then i opened a new topic to and they suggest me to use comodo, so i downloaded comodo internet security premium, it is free i love it :slight_smile: then i updated and scanned my computer also it found 15 malware,trojans etc… i was surprized because i was using kis2011 and then eset nod32 but they couldn’t find them :slight_smile: and now my computer is a normal computer, comodo kicked the zombies :d
thanks comodo olsa i am happy because founder of the comodo is a Turkish Man, Thanks comodo and Melih…

Hello & welcome. We’re very glad CIS worked so well for you. If you have any questions just ask, this forum is full of knowledge from helpful people. :wink:

To Sessiontr. Happy endings are good endings. I am glad Comodo helped you, probably not as glad as you are. What one misses the other finds, and vise versa sometimes. It is up to you if you try it or not, but seeing you have had problems I would consider installing Malwarebytes free and giving it a run. It is on demand scan only, and is fine with CIS. Download Malware Removal 2023 | Free Antivirus Scan & Virus Protection Tool
I find alot of people like these two together. It is nice to see a good outcome and thanks for choosing Comodo and giving us your feedback. Kind regards.

Well my story wasnt as dramatic. But I left comodo for avira and a couple of years later avira thought it was a bright idea to remove the firewall and force us to use the windows firewall. I returned to comodo. They brought me peace of mind when I thought I was a sitting duck in a pond full of hunters. I will not leave comodo in the future. I apoligize and ask for your forgiveness.


I also use Comodo for the first years. Happy with it’s low inpact on a computer and high malware detection rate. Cheers :slight_smile: