My computer connects to wrong network

An unknown neighbor has an unsecured wireless network. For some reason, my computers connect to this network rather than to my secured wireless network. How can I keep my computers from connecting to the unsecured network?

All computers are Vista.


I don’t think the problem is related to CFP 3.
Now I’m not on a wireless network, and not on Vista… But in the start menu, there should be something named Connect to or something. Click it, and you should get this screen:

Select your network and enter the key. Also, make sure you do so that you’ll connect to the network automatically each time that your PC starts.


That is what I have done, but next time I boot my computer I find it connected to the unsecured network. This first happened a couple of days ago and when I opened my email, I had tons of spam that I had not had before. I am not usually paranoid, but this is making me so. By the way, I have never seen this network available prior to finding my computer connected to it and all the spam in my inbox.

Exploring my Network and Sharing Center, I found where this unsecured network was listed as “automatically connect” to this network. I have now removed that network from that listing. Hopefully, that should solve thbe problem. But I do wonder about all the spam. Could my neighbor with the new network be attacking me and others?