My Comodo I.S. got a trojan . Agent/ gen-falcomp in programfiles/comodo

My Comodo I.S. got a trojan . Agent/ gen-falcomp in programfiles/comodo
Now when C.I.S. runs a scan my tower shuts off, why and what do i do?

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This is a good place to start.

What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

Hi hokahey ,

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Your request reminds me this recent thread about “infected Comodo”, where no information was provided as well

Follow the advices provided in the above referred thread and by HeffeD

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sorry about caps my key board was locked in.
any way i have tried all suggestions, i downloaded comodo system cleaner and supper antispyware.
ran scans and removed viruses, but my tower still shuts down after trying to scan with comodo internet security premium.
my operating system is windows XP.
i also downloaded stopzilla as was suggested, all scans complete themselves except comodo!
so now what do i do?

have you tired malwarebytes but I suggest you get a bootable CD ( kaspersky ) boot up from it and do a scan, I bet you have some kind of root kit and they are almost impossible to remove from inside windows. Also before you boot up with it make sure your computer has a wired connection to the net so that you can download signatures, wireless will not work.

Hi hokahey,

Below is a reply to you post here & to the same PM you’ve sent me

No apology needed. Main thing is that you understand what we were saying (not all users do :slight_smile: )
Everything is fine now

You did not answer the questions about what was flagged & by what security as in the referred thread here
Instead, you ran another scanner & removed something which we do not know what!
That would be more wise to post what was flagged (that’s for the future)
As it was pointed above the only info we had was that some components of CIS were infected
So again, how possibly we can know “which components”?

Please try what languy99 suggested… but at least this time tell what was flagged if anything… if you are not sure 100% do not ever proceed with any removal especially with the Rootkit scanning Tools - in most cases those should be run in a special way when practically nothing can interfere and they have enormous amount of FPs. Only a specialist can tell, whether that’s indeed a Rootlit
Therefore, just attach the result & ask 1st

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