my CCE can't update 23459.cav

i think it is not a good idea,23459.cav is more than 240M ,i can’t update .
can i download it in other way ? for example ,can i download the file by IE ? how can i download it ?
who can gelp me ? thanks !

You can download the latest full database as described in Where can i download the latest full AV database? and import it in CCE. It will after that only download the most recent incrimental updates which is a much smaller download. Or if you or somebody else is running CIS or CAV you can import the basevwxyz.cav from CIS or CAV in CCE. basevwxyz.cav can be found in the Scanners folder.

That is exactly the same cav bases that my system downloaded too. Coincidence? I’ve been copying them to flash drive from: c:\program files\COMODO\Comodo Internet Security\scanners folder, on a different system running CIS that is updating. Then when you launch CCE import by going to ‘tools’-‘import bases’ (or some such name) and scan as usual.