My BrightHub GeSWall Review

Check out my BrightHub GeSWall review!


My first article there. :slight_smile: With help from the editor, of course. :slight_smile:

So what is your goal, Jeremy? To become a writer?

Maybe. It is more to tell everyone that the blacklist technique is out-of-date, and show them alternatives. :slight_smile:

GeSWall is just great aye? :smiley: I would have my babies with it if i could. ;D

Nice review. Btw, Found any real malware that can bypass it yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I label the malware as trusted, yes. ;D

Yes thats the only issue I’ve found… It’s myself making mistakes. lol
I think it’s a great app and it probably is enough on it’s own (with a firewall ofcourse…) Though it’s easy to make mistakes with trusted\untrusted apps.

This looks like a great program overall but the absence of “Custom Safe Applications” in the free version is a deal-breaker for me…and I don’t want to pay only for this feature :frowning:

You can make your own, It’s just harder because you Don’t have the “Application wizard”

Funny, I have the “App Wizard” (if you are talking about the right-click context menu).

He…He…He. Yeh, But that’s because we are special :wink: lol.

Cough. The special thing didn’t work for me; I totally reinstalled without “specials”. ;D

Congrats, the writing is good.

is it digitally signed? if it is i might give it a try.

GeSWall is not digitally signed.

But it still works. 88)

It’s actually a great app along side CIS the security becomes bullet proof.


The free version does have an application wizard, but you have to go through the hassle of opening Windows Explorer, hunting for the executable, right-clicking on the file, and selecting Application Wizard.

My beef with GeSWall is that when I try to read an Adobe Acrobat document isolated, Adobe Acrobat gives me an error message saying that a serious error has occurred and Adobe Acrobat is unable to continue. It seems that Adobe Acrobat must be non-isolated to work properly. So, I uninstalled GeSWall. I’ll have to go back to CIS, which I’m waiting for (version 3.9 final). With the one-click Allow/Block thing, CIS will be similar to GeSWall but without the errors caused by isolating certain applications.

Yes, I notice that some apps don’t work when isolated, even when you make allow rules. I’m testing it more now.