"My Blocked Files" Or "My Quarantined Files"?

The interface that opens upon clicking “My Blocked Files” shows up with “My Quarantined Files” as the header.

Yep, I have this too. It seems to be only a GUI error because quarantined files do not show up in the list (in other words, it is not opening the wrong window. It opens the correct window, but the window has the wrong label).

CIS 3.9.95478.509
Windows XP SP3

dialog id=“276” in cfp.english.lang.template is for the D+ window My Quarantined Files that should be called My Blocked Files.

(dialog id=“32937” in cfp.english.lang.template is for the AV window Quarantined Items.)

I have corrected the Swedish translation (dialog id=“276”). :wink:

I have this 2 devs should fix this on the next update.

The English version… Translators have to fix the translations. :wink: